React The Road To Enterprise

Take your skills to the next level and become a React pro by mastering advanced patterns, best practices, and cutting-edge techniques for the development of large-scale React applications.

Prevent your React projects from becoming a legacy before they are even shipped and learn how to create scalable and maintainable React applications with architecture that actually works.

Creating React apps might look easy. But creating large-scale React applications that are well-architectured and can be easily scaled and maintained not so much.

A lot of decisions taken throughout the development, especially those at the start, can have a huge impact on the success of a project. And there are a lot of them.

Choose the wrong tools for the project or add new features without a good architecture and patterns, and you will end up with a project which became a legacy before it was even shipped.

Instead of easily creating more features and keeping your users and stakeholders happy, you will need to fight with your project for years to come. But don't worry, there is a solution to that.

How to create great React apps that work?

The internet is full of tutorials, articles and videos that try to teach React. The problem is that a lot of them are outdated, too simple or provide really bad advice and recommendations. That's not a good way to start an important project.

Fortunately, you don't need to do tons of research and try to pick and connect the dots yourself. There is a very simple answer to these problems.

"React - The Road To Enterprise" is an advanced book that revolves around best practices, advanced patterns and techniques for the development of React and Next applications. It's a one-stop resource for many crucial concepts that should help you solve and avoid many pain-points when developing React applications.

Learn From 100+
Real World Code Examples.

Learn From 100+ Real World Code Examples.

Discover Advanced Patterns,
Techniques and Best Practices
Used By Industry Experts

Discover Advanced Patterns, Techniques and Best Practices Used By Industry Experts

Master Tools Used By Millions Of
React Developers.

Master Tools Used By Millions Of React Developers.

What's in the book?

"React - The Road To Enterprise" covers many advanced topics to help you build maintainable, scalable and performant React applications, such as scalable project architecture, useful techniques for handling async operations and API states, advanced component patterns, performance optimisation, local and global state management patterns, static site generation (SSG), incremental site regeneration (ISR) and server side rendering (SSR) with Next.js and more.

Project Configuration and Scalable Architecture

Find out how to setup and configure an enterprise-ready project with tools such as PostCSS, Stylelint, Prettier and others. Learn how to create scalable architecture for your React applications that is actually easy to manage and extend.

Project Configuration and Scalable Architecture image

Scalable and Maintainable API Requests and API States Management with an API Layer, Custom Hooks, and React-Query

Learn advanced patterns for managing async operations, API states, and request cancellation by implementing a flexible and scalable API layer and combining it with React-Query.

Scalable and Maintainable API Requests and API States Management with an API Layer, Custom Hooks, and React-Query image

Advanced State Management Techniques

Master advanced state management techniques that will allow you to easily manage, share and reuse stateful data in your application. Explore patterns to manage state in a clean, readable and scalable fashion and take advantage of hooks, Immer and Context API.

Advanced State Management Techniques image

Global State Management with Modern Redux and RTK

Forget about the pain of managing old Redux with tons of boilerplate code. Learn how to use Redux in a modern fashion with Redux Toolkit and RTK Query.

Global State Management with Modern Redux and RTK image

Global State management with Zustand & Jotai

Redux may be popular, but it is not the only viable solution. Explore how to use Zustand and Jotai for managing global and encapsulated state that can be shared between components.

Global State management with Zustand & Jotai image

Advanced Component and Layout Patterns

Discover advanced component patterns, such as Higher Order Components, Render Props, Compound Components, Polymorphic Components as well as how to manage dynamic layouts and how to build flexible, resilient and future proof components with Composition and Configuration approaches.

Advanced Component and Layout Patterns image

Performance Optimisation

Explore many essential techniques for improving and optimising the performance of your applications to make them blazing-fast and your users amazed - Optimising Re-renders, Long List Virtualisation, Throtting, Debouncing, Code-Splitting & Lazy Loading, and more!

Performance Optimisation image

SSG, ISR, SSR and Middlewares with Next.js

Find out the advantages of static site generated and server-side rendered applications and learn how to create them using Next.js. What's more, delve into how to take advantage of edge middlewares with Next.js

SSG, ISR, SSR and Middlewares with Next.js image

Testing & Security

Write reliable and future-proof unit and e2e tests with Jest, Cypress, and Testing Library that actually work and give you confidence. Make your applications more secure and explore ways of restricting access to specific pages and content only to authorised users.

Testing & Security image

TypeScript and JavaScript Editions

TypeScript is an amazing tool that is a must-have for large-scale applications. It provides a lot of benefits, as it makes the codebase more maintainable, readable, helps with catching bugs early in the development, and makes the refactoring process much easier. That's why, all code examples in the TypeScript book edition are written in TypeScript. However, if you didn't learn TypeScript yet or are not planning to, you can get the JavaScript edition instead!

TypeScript and JavaScript Editions  image

Who is this book for?

"React - The Road To Enterprise" book is not a beginner's guide to React.js. It will not teach you how to get started with it. It's an advanced book, and to make the most out of this book, you should have at least basic knowledge of JavaScript, TypeScript and React.js, including concepts like hooks, state updates, lifecycles, etc. If you do not, then I first recommend getting to know React by going through the official documentation. You should also be comfortable with using a command-line interface.

The book is written with a very hands-on approach. I strongly believe that the best way to learn to code is by practice. There are a lot of code examples that you can follow along and play with yourself to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts behind them. You can do it either from scratch or by using the Companion App. If you are looking for a book to read on the go or simply away from your PC, then it might not be the best book for you.

This book is a great resource for:

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    Developers with prior React knowledge who want to advance their React expertise and develop scalable, maintainable, and blazing fast React applications.

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    Developers and teams who want to quickly get on board with best practices, patterns, and techniques to incorporate in their new or existing React projects.
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    Developers who are looking for career progression as a React.js Developer.

Table of Contents




Project Configuration and Useful Extensions


Scalable and Maintainable Project Architecture


API Layer and Managing Async Operations


Managing APIs with API Layer and React-Query


State Management Patterns in React Apps


Modern Redux - Global State Management with Redux Toolkit


Global State Management with Zustand and Jotai


Advanced Component Patterns


Managing Application Layout


Performance Optimisation


Application Security


React Testing - Best Practices For Writing Future-Proof Tests


Static Site Generation (SSG), Incremental Site Regeneration (ISR) and Server Side Rendering (SSR) with Next.js

See Full Table of Contents

Companion App

Companion App showcase image

With this book, you can get the Companion App that showcases more detailed working code examples, so you don’t have to write the code yourself. The enhanced code samples showcase various concepts and implementation for user access permissions, loading components on demand, managing API logic, and more. If you would like to incorporate any of the examples in your application, you can just open the Companion App project files and copy the source code.

React & Next.js Enterprise Boilerplates

The Complete package comes with pre-configured React and Next Enterprise Boilerplates, so you can immediately start working on your projects. They were created using Vite and Next CLIs, and have an opinionated project architecture as well as configuration for tools such as Eslint, Prettier, Stylelint, PostCSS, and SCSS. If you prefer a different pre-processor or setup, you can easily update it and configure it to your liking.

This boilerplates are designed to suit the needs of medium to large-scale projects. You won't have to waste time thinking about how to structure your project.

Bonus videos

Besides the book, Companion App, and the Enterprise Boilerplates, you can also get 3 bonus videos!
Debugging Performance Bottlenecks with React Profiler

Web applications should be fast and user friendly. Unfortunately, sometimes we might run into performance issues which might be hard to track. In this video you will learn how to use the React Profile to debug and fix performance bottlenecks.

Introduction to Composition API image
Tabs component using compound pattern image
Compound Components Pattern

Compound components are a great pattern for creating components that enable a lot of control and flexibility over the style and layout. In this video, you will learn how to implement a Tabs component using React Hooks and Context API.

How To Write Cleaner Code Using Modern JavaScript Features

If you want to make sure your project does not turn into a one big spaghetti mess, it's important to keep your code clean, readable, and maintainable. In this video, you will learn how to use modern JavaScript features to write cleaner and better code.

How to write cleaner code using modern javascript image

About Author

Thomas Findlay about picture

Thomas Findlay is a 5 star rated mentor, full-stack developer, consultant, technical writer and the author of "The Road To Enterprise" books. He works with many different technologies such as JavaScript, Vue, Nuxt, React, Next, React Native, Node.js, Python, PHP, and more. He has obtained MSc in Advanced Computer Science degree with Distinction at Exeter University, as well as First-Class BSc in Web Design & Development at Northumbria University.

Over the years, Thomas has worked with many developers and teams from beginners to advanced and helped them build and scale their applications and products. He also mentored a lot of developers and students, and helped them progress in their careers.

To get to know more about Thomas you can check out his Codementor and Twitter profiles.

What do developers say about Thomas?


Thomas is an incredible mentor who has helped me more than I can describe. If you need help you can't go wrong with this pick. I've had over 20 sessions with Thomas and there is a good reason I keep coming back




Thomas is one of the best mentors on here! He was able to help me understand my JS and Vue code and exactly what to do to fix my issues. I appreciate his patience and his time making sure I understand things. I learn a lot each time. Kudos!


Jay Wilburn


Always a pleasure getting help and advice from Thomas. This time he was able to help me in record time, immediately pinpointing what the problem was and then going on to explain a couple of VueJS concepts in a little more depth.


James Ludlow


I highly recommend getting tutored or mentored by Thomas because he is just very patient, very quick, very knowledgeable and will give you loads of information which motivates you to learn more and more. Thank you Thomas for your help!




Thomas is one of the best developers I've ever worked with and I've worked with many. I recommend him without hesitation.


Ronald Shochstak


Thomas is amazing! He works quickly and is so clear in talking through the solution. I learned a ton and got my problem solved! Thank you.


Holly Zoba


Whenever I come across a mind frustrating blocker Thomas is my go to. I'd highly recommend, he explains things thoroughly and always gets the job done!




Thomas was awesome! Very good at software development! He is very friendly and gives good explanations in depth for the code.




Great first session. Everything made on screen is clearly explained. I like the fact that Thomas doesn't only want to resolve your problem but also he gives you the tools to understand what you're doing.


Loris Olivier


Thomas is the best mentor and expert engineer! He identifies the issue very quickly and makes sure to explain in detail the solution. Thank you!!




Thank you. Extremely knowledgeable with Vuejs, Javascript, extremely helpful as well.


Larry Smith


Excellent mentor. Really understands Javascript, Vue and SPA design. Great to work with and explains complex concepts clearly.


Chris Ekin


Most tutorials and books teach you fundamentals of React but they don't help much when it comes to best practices or how your code should scale to production levels. Not only will you learn how to code but you will see real applications, testing using modern industry techniques and a very in depth step by step guide showing you how to do everything. If your goal is to stand out in the Marketplace as a React developer, this is the book you should be reading to make that happen. 10/10 definitely recommend.
Danny Thompson picture
Danny ThompsonPublic Speaker & Software Developer
"React - The Road to Enterprise" is a solid overview of useful patterns and key concepts for developing real-world React applications. Rather than yet another React intro tutorial, it covers practical techniques for topics like project structure, async requests using a home-grown and with React Query, state management with Redux and Zustand, routing, bundle management, security, and testing. It's an excellent resource for anyone who is comfortable with the basics of React and is ready to put those into practice in building meaningful applications.
Mark Erikson picture
Mark EriksonRedux Maintainer & Software Developer at
Thomas Findlay's Advanced ReactJS book is an exceptional resource that offers comprehensive content in a structured approach. The book covers a wide range of advanced topics, including component patterns, performance optimization, state management, routing, and testing. It keeps pace with industry standards, introducing popular tools like Redux, React Router, Jest, cypress, and so much more. The teaching style is engaging and practical, breaking down complex concepts into digestible modules and providing real-world examples. Completing the book has significantly improved my React skills and equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to tackle complex projects. I highly recommend this book to anyone because it's constantly being updated, and if you are looking to enhance your React skills, this will help significantly.
Chinedu Okere picture
Chinedu OkereSoftware Engineer and Technical Writer
If you want to delve into design patterns and architecture of applications built on React, this is your book. It is very easy to read and the examples with code help to follow the explanations perfectly. 100% recommendable.
Gerardo Fernández Moreno picture
Gerardo Fernández MorenoChief Team Officer (CTO) at Legit.Health
One of the best materials I have read. Thomas really did a good job with this. It's an excellent book and I have been using it for a while now.
Abdullah Clement Abdul Shakur picture
Abdullah Clement Abdul ShakurLead UI/UX and Frontend Developer at Wigal
Before now, I had only ever used React on a couple of demo projects but Thomas' book exposed me to many advanced concepts that are helping me with a new React project I'm working on. Highly recommended 👍
Jon Jackson picture
Jon JacksonTech Founder & Senior Lecturer at Buckinghamshire New University
As a self taught React developer, I wasn't explicitly exposed to subtle things like proper directory structure, config files, separation of concerns and the such. This book fills in those gaps.
DeVontae Moore picture
DeVontae MooreReact Native Developer

I've been reading React - The Road To Enterprise from Thomas and so far I learned:

  1. 1. I don't know as much as I thought
  2. 2. I have no clue how you design such clean code
  3. 3. I want to keep reading because I want to LEARN more

Great call buying the book. The quality is really top-notch, and it teaches non-trivial stuff that is relevant to our day-to-day job.

Definitely a gem. Go grab it if you are serious about web development!

Juan Alvarez picture
Juan AlvarezFront End Web Developer & Technical Writer
I am really satisfied with the practicality and knowledge outlined in React book by Thomas. Thanks fam.
Ilya Lutay picture
Ilya LutaySoftware Developer at Playrcart
I skimmed the book and can already say that book is a steal. I can recommend books from Publishers like Manning and Packt but don't hesitate to buy Thomas's book. It is superb so far. You have done a brilliant job, Thomas.
Hakan Bilgo picture
Hakan Bilgo
I just finished over 300 pages of the book. It's amazing! I learned way more from "React - The Road To Enterprise" than from other standard React books. This book is very practical, and much of the stuff I learned can be applied to my projects immediately. I think it's definitely worth the money.
Rui Cheng
I bought the "React - The Road To Enterprise" book after finishing EpicReact. I did not go through even half of the book yet but already learnt a lot! Besides React, I also learned many things about Typescript. React and Next.js boilerplates are pure gems.
Piyush Chatterjee
I found Thomas's book while looking for advanced concepts in React. When I emailed him my question, he was helpful in letting me know the pattern I was looking for; I bought his book and found what I exactly needed, even as a use case is covered in his book. His book is a treasure for me because he also covers other advanced concepts besides libraries we currently discuss in my work, such as React Query.
Tarek Hassan
It's an excellent ebook, the content is amazing and very very well explained.
Pedro Henrique Cabral Braga

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